Signs You May Need to Replace
Your Transmission

The transmission in your vehicle takes power from the engine and brings it to the wheels.  The transmission controls the vehicle and makes sure the power that is generated gets to the proper place. It also is what changes the gears in a manual and automatic vehicle. Taking care of your transmission is vital if you want to keep your car up and running in good condition long term.

Taking care of your transmission is vital

There are a few things you need to do to maintain a healthy transmission and a few signs to watch out for when a repair or replacement is needed.

  • A slipping transmission is something that can happen in an automatic vehicle.  You can tell it is slipping when you are driving in a certain gear and it seems to slip into another gear on its own.  It also feels like your vehicle isn’t getting enough power or isn’t accelerating properly.
  • A transmission should never drip or leak fluid.  The easiest way to tell if you have a leak is when you notice drips of transmission fluid on your garage floor where you park, in your driveway, or after you have left a parking stall.
  • When your vehicle is shifting from gear to gear, it should be a smooth transition that is barely noticeable.  If your car is shifting rough or making loud noises, you may have a transmission problem that needs to be checked out by a mechanic.

Most vehicles have warning lights that light up on your dashboard when an issue arises.  These lights, if not ignored, can help save you from larger problems.  When you notice one of these warning lights, it is best to take your vehicle in for an inspection right away.