Lube & Oil, Raleigh, NC

Our lube & oil services will keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Here at Capital City Auto Repair, we want to help you get the best from your car. This includes both giving you the best mechanical performance for the smoothest driving experience and also maintaining your vehicle to extend its life as long as possible. A key step in achieving both of these goals is regularly changing the oil and lubricating your engine. Our lube & oil services will help keep your engine running smoothly in the short term and will help it keep running smoothly in the long term.

Lube & Oil in Raleigh, North Carolina

Regular oil changes and proper lubrication is important to the continued function of your car. If your engine is not sufficiently lubricated, its components rub together and create excess friction. This in turn causes your engine to heat up, and too much heat can have disastrous consequences for your car. In addition to preventing such extremes, regular lube & oil services help prevent wear and tear on your engine. Besides create heat, the friction from your car’s moving parts also causes the components to wear down over time and eventually need replacement. The lubrication that your car’s oil provides helps these components glide smoothly and ultimately last longer.

We at Capital City Auto Repair are proud to serve the Raleigh, North Carolina community. We believe that you deserve to get the best performance from your car for the longest possible length of time. If you want to keep your engine running smoothly and prolong its working life, call our team at Capital City Auto Repair today to learn more about our lube & oil services.


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